Thursday, September 30, 2010


The peeps at my drama class are super funny!!!!!So at my Drama class we played this game where you had to pull a thing out of this bag without looking.  Let's skip the bla bla bla's and get to the point!  Here is what we came up with. 
(item; rock) "This is a rock.  Yeah, but it really a magical rock that was at the bottom of a lake.  This rock could grant a wish, so this guy named Bob found it, and wished for an airline ticket,so      uh   yeah"
(item; flashlight) "This flashlight helped a miner guy see in the dark.  Then one day the flashlight turned green.  Then the miner guy ate it, and it tasted like spinach."
(item; frigerator man magnet clippy thing?) "As you can see, this yellow frigerator guy is    umm.  So anyway, this yellow guy had the bad habbit of clipping people, and them and they would be lost forever " (okaaayyy)
(item; mini sambraro) "This sambraro once belonged to a flying monky-ostrige-pig-dog-lemaur, so one day a gust of wind blew by & it blew off."
(MY TURN!!!, {item; flashlight}) "This may look like an ordinary flashlight to you, but it is actually a weapon for an alien race sceintifically known as B.O.Y.Z.  They attacked earth, then a explosion happened & everyone forgot.  Now they live amoung us, but no one knows when they will strike again " (MWA-HA-HA!!!, By the way, I AM female"

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