Monday, September 27, 2010


I am a Zeldaholic! The Legend of Zelda is a video game about basicly a kid who saves the princess.  There are many different versions of the game, so our hero goes mainly by the name of Link.  I've only played one version, The Wind Waker, But instead I'll tell mostly about the most popular one, The Ocinara of Time.  (I read about it in Himikawa No disrespect,but I forgot the first name's manga about it)
Link lived in Kokori forest, and was raised by the great deku tree untill he was around ten, or eleven.  Then the monster known as Ghoma(The armored arachnid queen) attacked the forest.  Link and his Kokori friends defeat Ghoma, and the great deku tree tells them that Ghoma's master is the ruler of the people of the Black Desert.  Link is given the Kokri's Emerald, and is asked to deliver it to princess Zelda.  Link travels to Hyrule castle with his new freind Navi,(Navi is a fairy from the forest) where they meet Zelda.  Here they meet our main antagonist, Ganondorf.  After giving the princess the emerald, Zelda & Link make a deal, Link must find the Goron's Ruby, and the Zora's Saphire, then bring them to her.  Link acheives his goal quickly, but when he returns Ganondorf has already begun his attack.  In a desprate attempt, Zelda leaves Link the Ocinara.( an Ocinara is an  oval shaped wind-wood instrament, not a real instrument!!!)Link goes to the temple of time, and uses the Ocinara and the three stones to open the locked door.  There he discoveres the Master Sword, a legendary weapon tha evil creatures cannot even touch.  After pulling the sword from the pedistool, Link falls into a Magical sleep for seven years and wakes up as a grown adult.  Then Link awakens the seven gaurdians of Hyrule, but along the way encounters a shady character known as Shiek.  Shiek is really Zelda in disguise, and eventually Link, Navi, Zelda, and Sheik band together and defeat Ganondorf. 
That's about it.  Of course the story is much funer played than read!!!Oh, yeah, and for those of you currently playing Wind Waker, if you gather ten Knights Crests, you can go to this guy on Outset and show them to him.  He will teach you the spin attack and that is really usefull when fighting shadow Ganon, and he does that multiply thing. 

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