Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gaming straiges and moves for Super Smash Bros Brawl

I know the title sounds voilent, but really, its just blowing up machines.  Your simply destroying bad guy robots.  With that all cleared up, I'd like to guide you through a few of my favorite charachtor's moves. 
This is really one of the more versitile players, just press the( down+B) buttons to swap from the dainty,quick-witted princess to her mysterious alter ego.  While playing princess Zelda, if you wish to strike your foe from a distance, press( side+B)  and you can use an odd magical ball thingy & controll it with the controll pad.  Let go of( B) to make it explode in your enimies' faces.  That one is a bit tricky, but tottaly good for bosses.  If you press (A+any direction) with any charactor, at the exact same time, you can unleash a smash.  If your playing Sheik, ( who is a bit difficult to controll due to her supirior agility)(A) side smash, or( A+ hit rapidy) are often most efective when facing lighter enimies.  I find that if you're "completely" traped, or can't escape a fatal blow, jump then use ( up+B) to teleport, Zelda is a magical princess after all.  Best of all, if your busy transporting, you're nowhere in sight & no one can hit what's not there! Careful where you warp, though, once a charactor preforms an ( up+B) move, you can't jump again untill you hit the ground.
Link is NOT fast, sure, he's not as slow as bowser, or charzard, but being a hylian knight and all, that armor sure weighs him down.   When he runs he's not half bad.  My favorite Link combo is (A+up) it's a real hard hitter, and often manages to send you opponents flying! Also, (Z+any side+down) allows him to perform a terrific grab & smash combo.   If you're looking for a strong attack that can be done in the sky, (up+B) is the right way to go.  Link is over all, sufficiently well rounded, and can do a veriaty of tricks,grabs, and attacks.  If you press (side+B) you can use a gale boomerang, and just to do him some justice, I'd probibly be slow too if I had to haul around a giant sheild.
                                                                 Princess Peach
The pretty, sweet, beatiful, dainty, & Amazingly powerful princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.  She runs well, hits hard, and don't you just love her taunts! (Side+B) is a fun attack to use because it ussualy stuns opponents.  If you like to go long range, (down+B) allows you pluck a raddish (ala Super Mario Bros) and (side+Z ) let's you throw it! Once air born, Peach is unstopable! Jump twice & hold the second (up) to hover, and if you need an extra boost use(up+B) and she'll whip out that parosel of hers so you can float to safty.  Also, if baddies get on the wrong side of her parosel, they'll bedammaged.  Great for falling bad guys, and also a classic, is the (side+A) hit them with a frying pan, golf club, or other random object!(ha-ha-ha!) Another move you'd never expect(or get) from your average princess is the high kick, I mean, REALLY high, like above-her-head high.  Dainty, Pretty, and hiney kicking princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, wonderful. 

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