Thursday, September 30, 2010


The peeps at my drama class are super funny!!!!!So at my Drama class we played this game where you had to pull a thing out of this bag without looking.  Let's skip the bla bla bla's and get to the point!  Here is what we came up with. 
(item; rock) "This is a rock.  Yeah, but it really a magical rock that was at the bottom of a lake.  This rock could grant a wish, so this guy named Bob found it, and wished for an airline ticket,so      uh   yeah"
(item; flashlight) "This flashlight helped a miner guy see in the dark.  Then one day the flashlight turned green.  Then the miner guy ate it, and it tasted like spinach."
(item; frigerator man magnet clippy thing?) "As you can see, this yellow frigerator guy is    umm.  So anyway, this yellow guy had the bad habbit of clipping people, and them and they would be lost forever " (okaaayyy)
(item; mini sambraro) "This sambraro once belonged to a flying monky-ostrige-pig-dog-lemaur, so one day a gust of wind blew by & it blew off."
(MY TURN!!!, {item; flashlight}) "This may look like an ordinary flashlight to you, but it is actually a weapon for an alien race sceintifically known as B.O.Y.Z.  They attacked earth, then a explosion happened & everyone forgot.  Now they live amoung us, but no one knows when they will strike again " (MWA-HA-HA!!!, By the way, I AM female"

Monday, September 27, 2010


I am a Zeldaholic! The Legend of Zelda is a video game about basicly a kid who saves the princess.  There are many different versions of the game, so our hero goes mainly by the name of Link.  I've only played one version, The Wind Waker, But instead I'll tell mostly about the most popular one, The Ocinara of Time.  (I read about it in Himikawa No disrespect,but I forgot the first name's manga about it)
Link lived in Kokori forest, and was raised by the great deku tree untill he was around ten, or eleven.  Then the monster known as Ghoma(The armored arachnid queen) attacked the forest.  Link and his Kokori friends defeat Ghoma, and the great deku tree tells them that Ghoma's master is the ruler of the people of the Black Desert.  Link is given the Kokri's Emerald, and is asked to deliver it to princess Zelda.  Link travels to Hyrule castle with his new freind Navi,(Navi is a fairy from the forest) where they meet Zelda.  Here they meet our main antagonist, Ganondorf.  After giving the princess the emerald, Zelda & Link make a deal, Link must find the Goron's Ruby, and the Zora's Saphire, then bring them to her.  Link acheives his goal quickly, but when he returns Ganondorf has already begun his attack.  In a desprate attempt, Zelda leaves Link the Ocinara.( an Ocinara is an  oval shaped wind-wood instrament, not a real instrument!!!)Link goes to the temple of time, and uses the Ocinara and the three stones to open the locked door.  There he discoveres the Master Sword, a legendary weapon tha evil creatures cannot even touch.  After pulling the sword from the pedistool, Link falls into a Magical sleep for seven years and wakes up as a grown adult.  Then Link awakens the seven gaurdians of Hyrule, but along the way encounters a shady character known as Shiek.  Shiek is really Zelda in disguise, and eventually Link, Navi, Zelda, and Sheik band together and defeat Ganondorf. 
That's about it.  Of course the story is much funer played than read!!!Oh, yeah, and for those of you currently playing Wind Waker, if you gather ten Knights Crests, you can go to this guy on Outset and show them to him.  He will teach you the spin attack and that is really usefull when fighting shadow Ganon, and he does that multiply thing. 

Friday, September 24, 2010


This week at drama we totally had fun! We played this game where you and a group of other people was that improper English?) toss this ball around and whoever has the ball gets to tell part of a story.  We had some hilarious outcomes! We did a lot, so I'll only tell my three favorite.  Here's what we came up with;
Once upon a time there was a castle, and in this castle there was a room, and in this room there was a pink jelly bean.(I sincerely apologize for violence of any kind) Then the king came and ate the jelly bean, and then the king exploded.  The queen was sad, so she got ANOTHER jelly bean.  This new jelly bean was in fact the cousin of the first jelly bean, except( did I spell that right?) he was purple.  This new jelly bean liked to go sky diving. One fateful day he went sky diving, but forgot his parachute.( To make a long story short ) SPLAT! At his funeral the queen said he was a "bodacious and awesome" jelly bean.
The (disappointingly entertaining) end
 Once upon a time there was a red pumpkin named Red. One day Red decided he wanted to have an adventure, so he rolled into an apple orchard.  sadly as he was rolling out, a guy named Fred came and ate him. (ouch...)So Fred, who ate Red, TURNED Red, and fell dead.  (double ouch...)Then Fred decided he didn't want to be dead any more, so he came back to life!(way to keep the story going)Then he built a tree fort, but it got so boring that he decided to blow it up with a rocket launcher.Only then did he notice that his pant leg was attached to the rocket launcher.  so Fred, who ate Red, fell dead, and came back to life, went to the moon and discovered moon cheese.(yum)
The end
Once upon a time there was an evil knight.  The evil knight decided he didn't want to be evil, so he built a boat & sailed the sea.(wait, is this a knight or a sailor?)  Then he met a happy panda bear, and their boat got attacked by pirates.  After a 0.539 mili-second fight, their boat was sunk.  Then they found buried treasure in the ocean.  Then the knight remembered that he didn't know how to swim,(uh-oh) and he drowned.(WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?!)Then the happy panda bear got angry, but HE remembered he didn't know how to swim, and HE drowned.(okay, what IS wrong with you people)
The (sad) end
Hope you all had a good laugh with my drama class and I!!! I'm truly sorry about the panda bears fate too.