Monday, December 20, 2010

soap . . .

I went to the L.A. Cultures craft fair this Saturday, and came across many interesting things.  There were thing ranging from jewelry to hats and mittens to plushy dolls to baked goods to soap to whatever else I forgot! Of all these things, I am here to talk about the soap. right. soap. . .you may wonder why of all things, I choose to blog about the block of scented cleaning stuff, but I actually had a lot more fun smelling it than I did trying on mittens!   The company that made the soap is called Magic Senses, and they also make body butter, and stuff like that.  It was actually really interest because of the way it looked. . . it wasn't like, an elaborately carved wonder, or something, but most of them were individually handcrafted, and they have an extensive array of different scents, ranging from spearmint to milk&honey to cinnamon orange, and a lot more.  Actually, we bought some Christmas presents there. In short, they're pretty, they smell good, and they're useful. With how I was carrying on, you'd have though that I was talking about candles. . . You can contact the soap people at
I met the creators. They are nice and they make cool soap, or at least make it as cool as it can be. . . !

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