Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thousands of fun & intruguing story starters!

Many of us know we have a story in us, but just don't have the dilegence or/ and the skill to put it down on paper.  Some times I just can't come up with a good idea, so here's some thing to help us get rid of that problem altogether! I've made multiple lists of titles, opening scentences, and character names, all for the taking! Make some use of it please! : P (sideways smily face)
Shards of a Shattered World
If Only
1000 Worlds
Seven Realms
Last Letters
A lot of these were originally ideas for my own stories, like Mirrors was at first only a drawing of a girl's reflection as she touched the mirror.  I painted it as if the picture was rippling like water does, sort of hinting at something magical.  Seven realms was to start out with, an idea for a Legend of Zelda game, of course that was when I was completely crazy over it.  Last Letters sounds like a mystery story.
                                                                  Opening Scentences
Sara wasn't supposed to be here, where it was so cold and uninviting, according to the government, she wasn't supposed to even exist. 
It was wrong, I knew it, but no one would see, I doubted anyone would notice. . . it was still wrong. 
Harris picked up the pen, and hurriedly scribbled 1637 Jade drv.
Had the sun no shame, showing itself  on a day like this!?!
One wish was never enough for her, one of ANYTHING was never enough!!!
She was not really ever one to stand out, she was more of a nobody than anything else. . . untill that day.

I just made those up off the top of my head.   A lot of those sounded sort of actionish .(action+ish)You can do anything with a good idea, maybe the 3rd one was a mystery.  Maybe the 1st one was a fantasy.  use your head!!!
                                                               Character names, female
Addie                                       Mindy
Allison                                      Molissy
Avalon                                     Nabrissa
Breena                                     Oddisa
Cassie                                      Ranie
Evelyn                                      Renira
Gabriell                                    Sabrina
Hanah                                      Trinity
Havan                                      Vallery
Isabella                                    Zara
Krysty                                     Zelda

I'll do boy names later, gotta go!!!

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